This afternoon our colleagues over at North Coast News TV posted security footage of a burglary that occurred right outside their offices earlier today. 

Anthony Jones’ mugshot from a previous arrest

The short clip chronicles the morning exploits of a beanie’d gentleman who, after a couple of attempts, is eventually able to shatter the rear passenger-side window of a car parked near the intersection of Sixth and E streets before leaving the scene. About an hour and a half later the same man can be seen returning to the same car on a bike, at which point he quickly reaches into the back seat, removes a bag, and peddles off. 

He didn’t get far. The Eureka Police Department confirms to LoCO that they’ve arrested 32-year-old Anthony Robert Jones in connection with the crime. EPD is also investigating whether Jones may have been connected to other similar incidents in the area. 

We will update when we hear more. 

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UPDATE, 3:09 p.m.: New mugshot courtesy Eureka Police Department:

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