Email from the City of Arcata:

Social Media requests for next week should be in no later than Friday, February 22 at 11 AM.


Upcoming Social Media Posts (scheduled for this week and next) include:

  • APD seeks helmet donations for free helmet giveaways (Chief, Eileen)
  • Bicycle Friendly Community Survey (Netra, Doby)
  • Valley West Clean Up the Sidewalk Day on Sunday, March 3  (Danielle, Julie)
  • Ages & Stages Fair (Heather, Sara)
  • Tree Topping/Arbor Day (Mark, Danielle, Julie)
  • World Wildlife Day (Eddie)
  • City Job Openings as needed (Cynthia, Recreation Division)
  • City Traffic & Construction updates as needed (Lori)
  • City Meeting Agendas (CMO)


Exciting stuff! How will it all turn out? To find out, you’re going to have to follow the City of Arcata on Facebook and Instagram, but it seems like not Twitter because someone is domain-squatting them.