Special message from the California Highway Patrol:

Hello everyone, please help us out by getting the word out to drive extra safe this morning.  The roads are icy and this has caused a number of crashes overnight and this morning.  Please consider the following:

Prepare your vehicle early (warm up, de-ice windows).

Leave for work/school early, giving you time to drive slow and get to your destination safely.

Begin your stop by slowing early, preventing your vehicle from sliding.

If you find yourself driving on ice and begin to slide, remain calm, take your foot off the accelerator and do not hit the brakes or make any sudden movements with the steering wheel.


 The California Highway Patrol will be out there responding to calls as quickly as we can, however, there may be a delay in getting to you.  If you are involved in a crash, and no one is injured, safely move all vehicles to the right shoulder or to a safe location off the freeway, and then call dispatch. 

Thank you all for your help in spreading the information necessary to help keep our community safe.