In addition to the full closure of Highway 101 in northern Mendocino County and the California Highway Patrol’s warning to drive with extra care this morning the Humboldt County Department of Public Works has provided a list of roads to be wary of today: 

The Lost Coast experienced it’s own little Arctic Blast yesterday and many roads received several inches of snow and icy slush. The storm has moved out for the most part and now our roads are frozen and slick. Here is this mornings road conditions update. Take it slow and drive safe.

  • Butler Valley Road is closed due to downed utility lines and trees.
  • Bair Road between Redwood Valley and Hoopa is closed due to heavy snow.
  • Brannon Mountain Road, P.M. 3.0 closed due to downed utility lines and  trees.
  • Horse Mountain Road - carry chains 
  • Bald Hills Road - carry chains
  • Titlow Hill Road had 3 inches of new snow over night - carry chains
  • Bear River Ridge - carry chains
  • Wilderidge Road - carry chains
  • Mattole Road Bull Creek - carry chains
  • Mattole Road, Wildcat - carry chains