CBS News Sunday Morning.

Humboldt State University alumna Jasmine Bigham was featured in today’s CBS Sunday Morning report on homeless college students.

According to the report, Bigham was living out of a van on campus while attending HSU last semester because she was unable to find permanent housing.

“The hardest thing was just not being able to find housing, and so that was, like, the big issue that stood in my way,” Bigham told CBS reporter Lee Cowan. “I lived in my car, and then I kind of couched surfed. After that I moved into this big trailer, and then the trailer roof collapsed a little bit!”

Bigham reportedly resorted to showering and brushing her teeth in the women’s locker room on campus to get by. According to CBS, she is one of more than 68,000 students who claim homelessness on their financial aid applications in the U.S.

“There [were] some emotional points where I just was crying because it was hard,” she told CBS. “I put myself here, so I had to deal with it.”

Bigham has reportedly moved on since she received her degree in kinesiology from HSU last fall. She says she now plans to become a teacher or an athletic trainer.