Photos of Rep. Huffman and Rep. Speier cleaning up “Trump Trash.” | Photos from Twitter

While President Trump refuses to waver on the partial government shutdown he’s created to pressure Congress into funding a $5 billion wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, Jared Huffman — Humboldt’s Congressman — is taking to the streets to clean the “Trump Trash” that’s been left in the president’s wake.


The people who clean up the trash in our National Parks, among a multitude of other government employees, are currently unable to work due to the shutdown. And as a result, Rep. Huffman took to the streets on Saturday, to do his part in keeping California’s parks clean.

“Trump Shutdown is causing trash to literally pile up in our national parks,” Huffman tweeted yesterday. “Glad to join [Representative Jackie] Speier yesterday in doing our small part to pick up #trumptrash. Donald Trump must end this callous shutdown now.”

Huffman’s office told the Outpost that he filled two 32-gallon trash cans with trash in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area yesterday.

Huffman has been vehemently outspoken against the shutdown, calling Trump’s actions callous and a temper tantrum.

“I voted to end President Trump’s callous shutdown and reopen the government,” Huffman is quoted as saying in a press release last week. “President Trump and his Republican allies in the Senate are cheapening public service, when they should be showing our federal workers the dignity and respect they deserve by reopening the government and providing these workers with the pay they earned. It is indefensible that Republican leadership in the Senate now refuse to take up legislation that they unanimously approved just a few days ago, just because the president threw a temper tantrum. As the shutdown continues, President Trump is placing American families, federal employees, diplomats, Coast Guard servicemembers, small businesses, Indian Country, and national parks in jeopardy. I urge Mitch McConnell and President Trump to put the interests of the American people over this ridiculous requests for a border wall and allow Congress to get back to the business of governing.”

Redwood National and State Parks are currently still open to the public, according the the NPS website. However, no National Park Service amenities, including restrooms, trash collection, facilities and road maintenance are available.