Someone is distributing gun-emblazoned flyers promoting a group called “Iron Youth” around Humboldt County with the stated goal of recruiting “white youth” to bring down “the system.” 

Local Facebook user Shannon Kirke shared an image of one such flyer he said he spotted Tuesday in Henderson Center. “Found this fucking nazi recruitment propaganda,” Kirke wrote. The flyer reads: “White Youth — The entire system hates you and wants to see our race dead — organize with us and bring an end to it! — Iron Youth.” His alarmed post has garnered over 100 shares in just a few hours.

How legitimate and widespread are the “Iron Youth”? It’s not entirely clear. The phrase was used in the novel All Quiet on the Western Front in propaganda lionizing German soldiers fighting in World War I. A website run as part of the White Supremacist Online Incitement Project noted the existence of the group in a post earlier this week. Online accounts sharing the name and logo found on the flyer above all seem to have been launched within the last year. They include Instagram, Blogger and Twitter accounts, the latter of which includes the following post made today:

The phrase on the flyer above — “It’s Okay to Be White” — is identical to the one used on flyers posted around Humboldt State University late last year. According to the group’s Twitter bio: “The Iron Youth is a Nationalist and Traditionalist organization dedicated to preparing young men and women of our folk for the struggle against the system.” 

The Outpost reached out to the Eureka Police Department who told us that they had been made aware of the existence of the posting. An EPD detective has been assigned to investigate the case and the department plans to reach out to their local FBI contact and the local terrorism liaison.