UPDATE: The United States Geological Survey has merged the above two quakes into one, it seems — but what that means, we confess we do not know. Double epicenter? Gun-jumping? We will presumably learn more in the days to come.

In any case: There was a 3.3 at just about the same spot a half-hour earlier, so we’re sticking with DOUBLE QUAKE for rhetorical purposes. Enjoy the rest of your night!


That was a nice sized shaker, yeah? Felt long, too. Maybe that length has something to do with the fact that, according to USGS, Humboldt just experienced two simultaneous above-average quakes! 


Not too shabby!

For those curious, the National Weather Service says there is no threat of tsunami. LoCO flipped on the scanner and didn’t hear anything that would indicate emergency personnel are responding to any reports of damage.

Anyway, if you like, tell us how the quake was for you!