WATCH ABOVE: NBC News Democratic Presidential Debate

Holy democracy! LoCO political sports fans logged over half a million very important votes on yesterday’s edition of PRESS THE BUTTON: “The Poll with Passion.”™ Good for you! Glad y’all finally got some exercise, but hopefully you saved some energy for night two of the first Democratic Party presidential debate. This one’s got Bernie, who many of you seem to really enjoy! Click click click!

Who is most button-worthy?

But first, for the uninitiated, a reminder of how PRESS THE BUTTON works: Below you will find a list of all the 2020 Democratic Party Presidential Debate: Night 2 candidates. As you watch tonight’s slugfest, attempt to determine which individual you are most OK with possessing the nuclear codes. Got one? Now, find that competitor’s corresponding button and press it as many times as humanly possible — PRESS THE BUTTON rewards conviction but also stamina.

Good luck, happy clicking and Jah bless America.