Photos and video by Andrew Goff.

UPDATE, 5:05 p.m.: Humboldt Bay Fire press release:

On 6/5/19 at 2:44 P.M. units from Humboldt Bay Fire responded to a reported structure fire at a hotel on the 2200 Block of Fourth Street. The first arriving engine found heavy smoke in one first floor room of the hotel. There was fire coming from a wall and window area. Bystanders had helped contain the main body of fire with multiple fire extinguishers. The automatic sprinkler system had also activated, assisting with keeping the fire confined to a single room. The room directly above it on the second floor had light smoke in it. The fire was controlled in approximately five minutes.

Fire personnel searched both the first and second floors for any remaining occupants, extinguished hotspots, and removed smoke from the other room. Personnel also secured the sprinkler system to minimize water damage. There were no injuries in the fire. One room and its contents were destroyed with damage estimates of about $15,000.

The cause of the fire appeared to be a malfunctioning heater unit. Although the sprinkler system caused water damage, because of its presence, it undoubtedly prevented much more significant fire damage throughout the hotel by confining the fire to one room.

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Original Post: Eureka’s Third Street was closed between W and X streets — a common route to and from Target — as multiple engines from Humboldt Bay Fire responded to a blaze in a room at Clarion Hotel.

The fire, which filled a downstairs room with smoke, apparently started near a heater unit embedded in the wall, Battalion Chief Chris Emmons told Outpost reporter Andrew Goff on the scene.

The hotel’s sprinkler system kicked in, causing a lot of water damage but likely saving the building, Emmons said. 

He said he didn’t know whether anyone was in the room when the fire broke out, but there were items inside suggesting it was occupied. Emmons said it’s unclear if the heater unit malfunctioned or if maybe someone set an item on top of it.

The Outpost will update if we get any further information on the incident. In the meantime, you may want to take an alternate route to Target.