Mayor Susan Seaman with representatives from Inn at 2nd and C

City of Eureka press release:

The City of Eureka is proud to recognize the Inn at 2nd & C as the 2018 Business of the Year.

In the interest of formally promoting and recognizing local businesses, City the Eureka Economic Development Commission and the City Council created a “Business of the Week/Month/Year” program.

Each month, the City of Eureka Economic Development Commission selects a “Business of the Month.” Selections must be made from the list of businesses that the Development Services Director has previously selected as “Business of the Week” and/or from a list of businesses that have been officially nominated by a member of the community via an official “Business of the Month” Nomination Form.

After the Businesses of the Month are chosen, the Mayor then selects the “Business of the Year”, which must be chosen from the year’s Businesses of the Month. Mayor Susan Seaman chose the Inn at 2nd and C because the new owners have brought a new life to the historic Eagle House. Not only is the building a beautiful, historic, and architectural treasure, but the business is quickly becoming a lively and active part of our community.

The City of Eureka would like to congratulate and thank the owners of the Inn at 2nd and C.