Video of the buffalo galloping on Highway 299 provided by Kacy Fisher.

Three buffalo were shot dead along the Humboldt-Trinity border yesterday afternoon, after escaping their enclosure and galloping eastbound down Highway 299 toward oncoming traffic.

Sgt. Adam Battle with Trinity County’s California Highway Patrol office told the Outpost that the buffalo were shot and killed by their owner after the animals reportedly posed a threat to people living in a nearby trailer park.

“The owner shot the buffalo, I guess they were being aggressive and he was afraid they would hurt somebody,” Battle said. “We dispatched a unit from Weaverville, and that unit arrived about an hour later because it’s a long drive. The buffalo had went back behind a trailer park. The owner had already dispatched and removed them by the time officers arrived on scene.”

A photo of the bison provided by an Outpost reader.

While no CHP officers witnessed the buffalo, local cabin owner Colt Mathews told the Outpost that he saw one of the dead buffalo being hauled away.

“I was driving on 299 coming back from my cabin, everything’s normal, and then I look over and see a damn buffalo hanging from a piece of equipment,” Mathews said. “I’ve seen as many buffalo up there as I’ve seen Sasquatch. It was bizarre for sure.”

Based on the information available, It’s unclear which ranch the buffalo escaped from.

One of the buffalo being removed from the area. | Photo by Cole Mathews.