**SPOILERS** Here’s the game map of Humboldt County and the entire game if you keep watching.

At last, you can enjoy all the drudgery of trimming weed without getting your fingers sticky in Humboldt’s first major video game appearance.

The third episode of the graphic adventure video game series “Life is Strange 2” was released today, and as it turns out, almost the entire game takes place on a Humboldt County Pot Farm.

While our famous redwoods have been highlighted in a few well-known games over the years, like “Cruis’n USA” and the “Call of Duty Infinite Warfare” DLC “Rave in the Redwoods,” this is the first well-known game to actually be set in Humboldt County.

A quick overview of the game doesn’t show much of Humboldt outside of a fictional pot farm located somewhere north of Larabee between Highway 101 and Highway 36. But there is a pretty detailed map of Humboldt County in the game, which labels Arcata as “Hippie Paradise.”

According to “Life is Strange” publisher Square Enix, the game is centered around runaway brothers Sean and Daniel Diaz, who and are headed to Mexico in fear of the police and younger brother Daniel’s new telekinetic powers. The series, produced by Parisian game developer Dontnod Entertainment, is fairly popular in the gaming world.

Graphic adventure games play out like animated movies interspersed with puzzles and coordinated button-mashing sequences, where the goal is more about finishing a story than actually playing a game.

This style can result in some silly gameplay, like the scene below which forces players to mindlessly trim marijuana buds to keep the storyline progressing.

The game is out now on Steam, X Box One and PlayStation 4. Watch the game’s official trailer below.