Thanksgiving is the holiday that it is right now today. Hello. Thank you for being here. 

Now, to be clear Thanksgiving success is not a given. It can be a difficult time, fraught with peril. Sometimes you pick up a turkey, or maybe a ham, and you attempt to transport it back to your home in your motor vehicle but for some reason or another it flies out onto the roadway. Distressing! Then sometimes a TV news reporter comes across that misplaced turkey (or ham) and it distresses them, too. 

Oh dear. What can be done?

Well, North Coast News’ Nazy Javid answers that question for all of us in the clip above. Yesterday evening when she encountered still-steaming meat on the pavement near Highway 101 she sprung into action. She writes, in part, on her Facebook page: “I moved the pan and meat off the roadway. But if you’re watching this and wondering what happened to your dinner, here it is! We are sorry for your loss.”

Please watch. And always remember to properly bungee your hamturkey to the bed of your truck before traveling. Roads are slick. Also gravity.

Happy Thanksgiving!