Rejoice, Humboldt!

Well, fine. After a long day of misinformation and misunderstandings between various local officials and Facebook commenters the official word has come down: PG&E will not be shutting off the power to Humboldt Tuesday night after all. Your regularly scheduled Netflix binge can proceed as planned. 

Below is the announcement from our friends at Humboldt County Office of Emergency Services:

According to PG&E representatives, “Due to diminished weather conditions, Humboldt County is now beneath the wind threshold for a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS).” The information we are receiving from PG&E is that Humboldt County is no longer in scope and will remain with power throughout the evening.

Continue to be prepared for future outages and follow updates from the Humboldt County Office of Emergency Services (OES).

There are still communities in Humboldt who have not been restored from the previous PSPS. PG&E advises they hope to re-energize tonight.

At this time the National Weather Service does not foresee any weather patterns that would result in a PSPS event in the near future.

This release is intended to update the public on PSPS activity information provided by PG&E. This office is not able to guarantee the accuracy of the information provided and the public should consider this release as general information and be prepared for a PSPS event that may have different timing and/or duration than predicted.