Slide from a presentation promoting the Eureka Police Department Wellness App

Eureka Police Department press release:

Eureka Police Chief Steve Watson is pleased to announce plans to provide his police officers with the leading high-tech officer wellness solution to support their mental health and well-being. Eureka Police Department’s officers will now have a powerful and easy to use wellness tool in the palm of their hands.

“I worry constantly about the safety and well-being of the officers, dispatchers, and professional staff who serve and protect others,” said EPD Chief Steve Watson. “Our law enforcement first responders are regularly exposed to a toxic soup of stress, trauma, and tragedy. We recognize their families serve too and also need our support. EPD is fully committed to taking care of our people. Officer safety should be holistic. It isn’t just about body armor, weapons, and tactics but also about overall well-being including resiliency, physical, mental, social, spiritual, financial, and emotional wellness. This mobile app will provide our members with continuous private and confidential access to mental health and wellness help and support.”

The Eureka Police Department Wellness App, created in collaboration with the City’s Human Resources Department and Cordico, provides access to therapists, peer support, and the leading officer wellness solution available nationwide offering confidential, in-hand, on-demand 24/7 access to 30+ modules on topics such as alcohol, depression, emotional health, family support, financial fitness, mindfulness, psychological first aid, sleep optimization, and stress management.

Dr. David Black, CEO of Cordico emphasized, “No one should ever feel blocked from accessing help at times of need due to their schedule or location or concerns about confidentiality, and that is especially true for our public safety personnel who dedicate their professional lives to responding to others’ emergencies.”

The Eureka Police Department will roll out their new Cordico Wellness App to all of its members (it is also available to their spouses and significant others) today.