Cliff Berkowitz is still providing the news through the airwaves. | Andrew Goff

KHUM interview with OES

Good news. The Outpost and its radio station counterparts are up and running and will continue to bring you the latest blackout news.

KHUM’s Cliff Berkowitz got Office of Emergency Services Administrative Officer Sean Quincey on the phone this morning for an informative 6-minute interview. 

Quincey told KHUM that it’s still unclear how long the outage will affect Humboldt, or how many areas area actually affected. But Quincey said he hopes to find all of that out as soon as possible.

“It seems like it’s widespread,” Quincey told KHUM. “I can’t say every part of Humboldt County is down but it seems like it’s widespread.”

According to LoCO‘s outages map, just about the whole damn county is down, with sprinklings of precious electricity here and there.

Listen to the full interview in the audio player above.

LoCO’s Outages map.