Press release from the City of Eureka:

The Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) initiated last night beginning at midnight continues. The two main power transmission lines coming into Humboldt County along Hwy 299 and Hwy 36 were de-energized to protect areas along the route that are subject to high fire risk due to predicted wind weather events. The shutdown is scheduled to last until 12 noon on Thursday, October 10th. Re-energization of the lines could take additional time and residents should be prepared for the outage to last until Friday the 11th .

The City activated the Emergency Operations Center and is working with Humboldt County Office of Emergency Services. Eureka Police will be staffing up for the overnight hours patrolling business districts and neighborhoods. Public Works will continue to rotate pumping sewer lift stations through the night.

Traffic signals are flashing red or dark, please use caution driving especially along Broadway, 4th and 5th Streets. Remember, a flashing or dark signal is a four way stop. Proceed with caution after stopping. Please drive cautiously and be aware of pedestrians during the evening hours.

The Extreme Weather Shelter will be in operation tonight due to the cold temperatures that are expected. Please use caution when operating fireplaces or utilizing wood stove. Due to loss of power, the City of Eureka operations have been impacted. Public Safety and Public Works crews have been staffed up to handle operations as needed.

During this power shutdown, residents are advised to the following:

• City Hall, Eureka Police, and Humboldt Bay Fire Offices will be open regular hours

• The Adorni, Wharfinger and Zoo facilities will be closed tomorrow

• Water will still flow to homes however sewer lift stations will be impacted and crews will rotate pumping utilizing mobile generators and other equipment

• Non-working traffic signals are four way stops. Motorists must stop and proceed with caution.

• Street lights are out – use caution at night as it is extremely dark and difficult to see pedestrians

• Only call 9-1-1 with in the event of a true emergency – Please don’t use 9-1-1 as a number to call to ask questions

• Non emergency calls can be directed to the following numbers:

o Eureka Police Business Line 441-4060

o Humboldt Bay Fire 441-4000

o Eureka Public Works 441-4203

o Eureka Administration 441-4144

The City will provide updates as the situation develops.