A quality-over-quantity meteor shower will be visible form Humboldt tonight.

Electricity be damned!

The Southern Taurids meteor shower peaks tonight and visibility from Humboldt is expected to be stellar.

“We should have clear skies and less light pollution with the power outages,” local National Weather Service Meteorologist Chris Burling told the Outpost. “It Should be visible.”

The American Meteor Society reports that the the Southern Taurids are known for producing less than 10 meteors per hour, but the ones that are visible are known for being especially bright “fireball” meteors.

The Draconid meteor shower also peaked yesterday, and reportedly still has a chance to contribute to tonight’s skies.

Burling said that stargazers should get the best view aiming their eyeballs south.

A time-lapse image of Perseid meteors from August 2009. | NASA