From left: Elisa Anne Mapson, Tierzah Faith Mapson


Press release from the Fortuna Police Department:

Fortuna Police arrested two suspects wanted on a federal warrant for the shooting of an individual out of Alabama, and “considered armed and dangerous”.

Based on information provided to us by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Fortuna Officers were on the look-out for two suspects thought to have been staying in a campground in Eureka but were believed to still be in the area.

After an investigation by Fortuna Detective Brian Taylor, he located and identified two vehicles belonging to the individuals on the 2100 block of Riverwalk Drive.

Two women originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma; Tierzah Faith Mapson, 27, and Elisa Anne Mapson, 28, were quickly located by Fortuna officers and taken into custody after a brief struggle. The arrest occurred at around 4:45pm on Thursday.

According to the warrant, both women were wanted for “conspiracy and interstate domestic violence related to an incident where someone was shot with a rifle but not killed.”

The two individuals were arrested and taken to Humboldt County Jail to await extradition back to Alabama.