Well, isn’t that nice. Karen Barr, Michelle Cartledge and Scott Cocking paint away the ugly

Hey, hey! We’ve got some of that good news today! 

Mere days after it was defaced by some sulky scribbler, Dave Van Patten’s 2019 Eureka Street Art Festival mural near the corner of F and Sixth streets has been restored to its recent past glory. Continue on with your serenity, friendly Bigfoots!

Local artists Scott Cocking and Karen Barr, along with Humboldt Cider Company owner Michelle Cartledge — one of the mural’s funders and an eager first-time mural rehabilitation specialist — set out Thursday morning to remove the graffiti from the art. Prior to today’s work, the quickly assembled team reached out to Van Patten who provided them with swatches so they could more easily match the mural’s colors. 

After about four hours of painting the mural was as charming as it was last week.

So there. Mural (and maybe some faith in humanity) restored.

A passerby stops to express her gratitude to the mural doctors

Van Patten’s mural in its scribbled-on state

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