An example of some of the discussion around this case in one Rio Dell community Facebook group

City of Rio Dell press release: 


On Thursday, August 29, 2019, at about 6:30 p.m., a homicide occurred in the City of Rio Dell. The victim has been identified as 26 year old Johnny Mack Renfro, a resident of Humboldt County who was originally from Texas.

Mr. Renfro was shot once in the abdomen from a passing car. The homicide was caught on CCTV footage recovered by the Humboldt County Major Crimes Task Force. The footage shows the suspect’s vehicle is a Dark Emerald Pearl 1998‐2001 Honda Accord EX or EXL coupe. Dark Emerald Pearl can look green, blue or black depending upon lighting conditions. The vehicle is believed to have a broken rear window. Witnesses report that the suspect is believed to be a black man with dreadlocks. The video has been sent to the FBI for enhancement to provide further details.

The Rio Dell Police Department has become aware of social media posts that include a picture of a man fitting this description and who is labeled as the shooter. We respectfully ask that if you have a reasonable suspicion that an individual is a suspect in this crime that you share that information directly with the Rio Dell Police Department. Please do not post or share social media that claims to identify a suspect.


The investigation into the homicide of Mr. Renfro continues and progress is being made.

Anyone with information that may prove useful to the ongoing investigation is requested to call the Rio Dell Police Department at 764 5642 or 764 5641 and ask for Sergeant John Beauchaine and/or Detective Jen Taylor.

At the Aug. 29 scene | RDPD