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Press release from the Humboldt County Library:

The Humboldt County Library recently received donations from the Friends of the Redwood Libraries and the Humboldt Library Foundation, in addition to a grant from the California State Library in order to increase electronic resources.

“I want to thank the Humboldt Library Foundation and Friends of the Redwood Libraries for their donations. Their generosity allows the library to provide outstanding e-resources during our current situation,” said Nick Wilczek, library director.

“We’ve received $10,000 from the Humboldt Library Foundation, $5,000 from the Friends of the Redwood Libraries and a $5,000 grant from the California State Library to address the increased demand in our community for e-resources as people practice physical distancing and library buildings are closed,” said Michael Logan, head of the Library’s Acquisitions and Technical Services department.

“We expect to add between 200-300 titles, beginning immediately and continuing over the next few weeks. NorthNet, the Northern California consortium we belong to, has also increased their budget to help meet the increased demand, and Humboldt County cardholders have access to those titles as well,” said Logan.

The Library recognizes that this uncertain time is difficult for everyone and is doing what it can to provide some small comforts, whether that means a bestselling audiobook, a favorite magazine, beloved children’s books, wiring manuals for fixing your truck, or a new cookbook to help you branch out in the kitchen. Approximately half of the donated money will be used to purchase ebooks, while the other half will be spent on electronic audiobooks — with the overall goal of adding additional copies of high-demand titles and filling any gaps.

Patrons can request specific titles with the library’s New Book Suggestion Form.

The Library’s electronic resources can be accessed through a variety of devices using your library card — if you don’t have one, you can sign up for a free e-account.

The first of the titles have been added to the library’s Overdrive Library to Go collection, and the rest will be available over the next few weeks. Make sure to check them out — pun intended!

“Stay home, stay safe and enjoy downloadable ebooks and audiobooks from the Humboldt County Library,” said Wilczek.