Like the rest of you, LoCO is experiencing some difficulty adjusting to having less people around to shoot the breeze with. Sheltering in place can be rather dull! Who knew? Thus, for the second straight week, we were able to coax a local elected official to subject themselves to yet another Zoom call so we could have some human interaction.

Today we catch up with Eureka City Councilmember Leslie Castellano to see how she’s been riding out the pandemic. Spoiler: She’s been busy! In addition to moving her performance collective Synapsis to a new building, she recently put the Facebook call out for some materials assistance from the community for an urgent project she’s working on:

Wanted! Hello all- I am seeking numerous 18”x18” pieces of fabric (or bandanas) to hand out to people who are houseless. Many folks on the street can not access masks and are in need of them. Please message me and I can arrange pickup/delivery.

This is a great way to contribute to the need for masks if you don’t have time to sew. Cut up sheets work great!

[You can email Leslie here: lcastellano@ci.eureka.ca.gov]

Hear Councilmember Castellano on her recent efforts by clicking the audio player above. ALSO: Leslie shares her new-found love for banana fig cardamom chocolate muffins and reviews her fellow city officials’ virtual meeting background choices. 

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