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LoCO’s good-enough pandemic-era podcast! Most weeks, now, the Lost Coast Outpost zooms with community members — elected officials, business owners, artists and more — to see how they’re faring in our strange new COVID-affected world. 

You have ears. Let your neighbors in ‘em.

January 2022

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: How Can Humboldt Better Prepare for Future Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Storms? Alison Sterling Nichols of COAD Discusses Countywide Disaster Response and Preparation

December 2021

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Miranda’s Rescue Founder Shannon Miranda Discusses His Work Caring For Animals (And People Too)

November 2021

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Retiring Eureka Police Chief Steve Watson on the Challenges and Successes of His Time With EPD, the Staffing Crisis and the Department’s Recent Texting Scandal

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Who Was Rick Bartow? A New Film Project Attempts to Chronicle the Work and Life of the Late Wiyot Artist

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Getting to Know the Foggy Bottoms Boys, Gay Ferndale Farmers and Social Media Stars

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: North Coast News’ Nazy Javid on Making Humboldt Home, Juggling Social Media and Her Daily Decision to ‘Choose Happy’

October 2021

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Pumpkin Carving Master Mike Craghead On His Passion for Slashin’ Gourds and Other Produce

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: EPD Sgt. Leonard LaFrance on Progressive Policing and How CSET Has Worked to Address Homelessness and Mental Health Issues in COVID-Era Eureka

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Duane Flatmo Says Goodbye to ‘El Pulpo Mecanico’ and Looks Back on His Life as a Muralist, Kinetic Sculpture Racer and Celebrity Elbow Rubber

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Let’s Talk Psychedelics! Arcata City Councilmember Sarah Schaefer on the Council’s Recent Decriminalization of Entheogens

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: From the Ashes of KHSU Rises Humboldt Hot Air! Now Neroli Devaney Needs Your Splendid Show Ideas

September 2021

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: St. Joe’s Medical Staff Members Austin Allison and James Ladika On Life in the Hospital During COVID

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Recent GQ Magazine Article Subject Richard Evans on the Back to the Land Movement, Stained Glass and Why He’s Still a Hippie Idealist

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Will the Show Go On? Calder Johnson of NCRT on the Struggles of the Live Theatre Industry During COVID

August 2021

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: After 50 Years in Broadcasting, Dave Silverbrand is Feeling Good and Would Love to Perform Your Spanish-Language Wedding

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: How Do We Tackle Humboldt’s Housing Crisis? State Housing Policy Specialist Brian Heaton Shares His Thoughts

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Lucas Thornton and Blake Reagan are Going to Paint a Really Big Mural on the Courthouse This Week

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Arcata Councilmember Emily Goldstein on Falling in Love With Her City and Helping Guide It Through Pandemic

July 2021

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: A River May Soon Not Run Through It? Kayak and Fishing Guide Eric Stockwell On the Health of Humboldt’s Waterways

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Eureka City Councilmember Natalie Arroyo on Those Parking Lot Housing Plans, the Investigation into EPD Officers’ Hateful Texts and Her Service as a Coastie

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Marnie Atkins on the Wiyot Tribe’s New Old Town Cultural Center, Preserving the Soulatluk Language, and Educating the Community About Our Shared History

June 2021

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Let’s Talk Cannabis! HCGA Director Natalynne DeLapp on the Sun Valley Weed Farm, the Drought and Other Issues Impacting the Industry

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Reasons to Hope? A Discussion on Humboldt’s Big Money Projects With RREDC’s Gregg Foster

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Dell’Arte’s Michael Fields Reflects on 45 Years Creating ‘Havoc’ in Blue Lake

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Let’s Talk Llamas! Keagan Trischum Invites You to Go on an Adventure With a Friendly Camelid by Your Side

May 2021

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Go, Crabs, Go! President of the Humboldt Crabs David Sharp On the Return of Local Baseball

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Ferndale Organic Dairy Farmers Kristina Radelfinger and Dorice Miranda Explain A2/A2 Milk

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Former Arcata City Councilmember and Historic Preservation Enthusiast Alex Stillman On Her City’s Past, Present and Future

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Cooperation Humboldt’s David Cobb on Building a Local Solidarity Economy and His Political Activism

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Can Humboldt Boast the Most Artists Per Capita in the State? Ink People Executive Director Libby Maynard Defends the Popular Claim

April 2021

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Amy Cirincione O’Connor on Launching Scotia Lodge and Papa & Barkley Social

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Local Musician Lyndsey Battle Is Finding the Silver Lining of a Year Without Live Music

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Yurok Tribal Member and Mad River Brewery CEO Linda Cooley is Sharing Her People’s Story Through Beer

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: 10 Years of LoCO! Hank Sims Discusses a Decade at the Helm of Humboldt’s News-ish Website

March 2021

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Let’s Talk Local Fashion! Owner of Humboldt Republic Jason Brandi on Designing Clothes for a Community

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Table Bluff Farmer Hannah Eisloeffel Delivers Affordable, Fresh Food To Her Community

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Logger Bar Owner Kate Martin Spent a Portion of the Pandemic Biking Across the Country

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Teacher and Rapper Zach ‘Zigzilla’ Lehner Talks Reopening Schools, Teaching Over Zoom; Freestyles An Educational Rap

February 2021

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: The Madaket’s Captain Zippo is Itching to Take You Cruising on Humboldt Bay Again

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: When Can We Get Married Again? Wedding Planner Alegria Sita Talks Tying The Knot During the Pandemic

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Food For People Executive Anne Holcomb on Keeping Humboldt Fed During the Pandemic Year

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: AHHA President Nezzie Wade on the Eureka Camping Ordinance, COVID’s Impact on the Homeless Population and How Folks Can Help

January 2021

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Performance Artist Noël August on Adapting Club Triangle, Her Alter Ego Tucker Noir, Pandemic Momming and Working on That Jason Segel Movie

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Mayor Susan Seaman on Eureka’s 2021 Challenges, the Inauguration, Traffic Safety and More

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Eagle House Owner Jennifer Metz on Adapting Her Business to COVID, Bringing Vibrancy to Eureka and That Time Bill Murray Stayed at Her Inn

December 2020

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Absynth Quartet Drummer Mike ‘Tofü’ Schwartz Discusses the Future of Local Live Music

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: HACHR Executive Director Discusses Recent Eureka City Council Decision, the Importance of Syringe Exchange Programs and Harm Reduction

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Let’s Talk Liquor! Alchemy Distillery Owner Amy Bohner On Keeping Spirits Up During the Pandemic

November 2020

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Better Know a New Eureka City Councilmember, Kati Moulton Edition

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Better Know a New Eureka City Councilmember, Scott Bauer Edition

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