Humboldt Holding Up

LoCO’s good-enough pandemic-era podcast! Most weeks, now, the Lost Coast Outpost zooms with community members — elected officials, business owners, artists and more — to see how they’re faring in our strange new COVID-affected world. 

You have ears. Let your neighbors in ‘em.

April 2021

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Local Musician Lyndsey Battle Is Finding the Silver Lining of a Year Without Live Music

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Yurok Tribal Member and Mad River Brewery CEO Linda Cooley is Sharing Her People’s Story Through Beer

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: 10 Years of LoCO! Hank Sims Discusses a Decade at the Helm of Humboldt’s News-ish Website

March 2021

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Let’s Talk Local Fashion! Owner of Humboldt Republic Jason Brandi on Designing Clothes for a Community

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Table Bluff Farmer Hannah Eisloeffel Delivers Affordable, Fresh Food To Her Community

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Logger Bar Owner Kate Martin Spent a Portion of the Pandemic Biking Across the Country

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Teacher and Rapper Zach ‘Zigzilla’ Lehner Talks Reopening Schools, Teaching Over Zoom; Freestyles An Educational Rap

February 2021

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: The Madaket’s Captain Zippo is Itching to Take You Cruising on Humboldt Bay Again

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: When Can We Get Married Again? Wedding Planner Alegria Sita Talks Tying The Knot During the Pandemic

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Food For People Executive Anne Holcomb on Keeping Humboldt Fed During the Pandemic Year

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: AHHA President Nezzie Wade on the Eureka Camping Ordinance, COVID’s Impact on the Homeless Population and How Folks Can Help

January 2021

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Performance Artist Noël August on Adapting Club Triangle, Her Alter Ego Tucker Noir, Pandemic Momming and Working on That Jason Segel Movie

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Mayor Susan Seaman on Eureka’s 2021 Challenges, the Inauguration, Traffic Safety and More

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Eagle House Owner Jennifer Metz on Adapting Her Business to COVID, Bringing Vibrancy to Eureka and That Time Bill Murray Stayed at Her Inn

December 2020

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Absynth Quartet Drummer Mike ‘Tofü’ Schwartz Discusses the Future of Local Live Music

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: HACHR Executive Director Discusses Recent Eureka City Council Decision, the Importance of Syringe Exchange Programs and Harm Reduction

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Let’s Talk Liquor! Alchemy Distillery Owner Amy Bohner On Keeping Spirits Up During the Pandemic

November 2020

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Better Know a New Eureka City Councilmember, Kati Moulton Edition

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Better Know a New Eureka City Councilmember, Scott Bauer Edition

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Writer Barry Evans On the ‘Resilience’ of Old Town During COVID and Recovering from His Recent Bike Crash

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: City Councilmember Sofia Pereira on What’s Next for Arcata and Having a Baby During COVID

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: When Will Humboldt Enjoy Live Music Again? Longtime HumBrews Booker Laurel Weston Weighs In

October 2020

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Councilmember Kim Bergel on the Elections Eureka Implications, Growing Relations With the Wiyot Tribe and Her Legal Dispute with an Abusive Constituent

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: A List! The Top 10 Movies Made in Humboldt*, According to Film Commission’s Cassandra Hesseltine and Nate Adams

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Marble Maker Topher Reynolds on Living the Humboldt Artist Dream

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Arcata Playhouse Executive Director Jacqueline Dandeneau On Adapting Performance Art During the Pandemic, Why She Considers the Arts an ‘Essential Service’

September 2020

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Humboldt Political Junkie Eric Kirk on Local Supervisor and City Council Races, Measures, Voting in the COVID Era and More!

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: What’s Up With Rio Dell? Mayor Debra Garnes Talks About One of Humboldt’s Oft-Overlooked Communities

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Supervisor Estelle Fennell on Humboldt’s Fire Response, COVID Impacts, Social Media Misinformation and the Upcoming Election

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Writer Jada Calypso Brotman Talks Arcata, Food and Mommin’

August 2020

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Body Piercer Jackie Silva is Prepared to Provide Pandemic-Era Pokes

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Fudge Pops and Barn Tunes with Dick Taylor Chocolate/Huck Flint’s Adam Dick

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Fortuna High School Teachers Discuss What the First Week of In-Person Classes Has Looked Like

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: How is the Pandemic Affecting Eureka? Interim City Manager Miles Slattery Weighs In

July 2020

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Savage Henry’s Chris Durant Would Like to Meet You in an Alley

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Eureka Street Art Festival Organizer Jenna Catsos: ‘Don’t Wait For Permission to Make This City Better’

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Tibora Bea on the End of SCRAP Humboldt, the Future of Creative Reuse, and Poembombing the Arcata Plaza

June 2020

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Gym Owner Tyler Parr Talks About Growing Up in Humboldt, Reopening His Business, Local Protests

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: What’s Restaurant Dining in Humboldt Like Now? Six Rivers Brewery’s Meredith Maier Tells Us About the Changes They’ve Made to Help Thirsty Folks Stay Healthy

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Multicultural Skincare Therapist Levia Love on the Necessity of ‘Black Humboldt’, Local Juneteenth Plans, and Self Care in Tense Times

May 2020

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Mustachioed Server Joshua Coppock Talks About Working with the Homeless, Waiting Tables Before COVID, Reveals His Favorite Cambodian Dish

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Eureka Councilmember Discusses Working at St. Joseph Hospital During a Pandemic, Reveals His Fav Local Fish Tacos, Defends His Mullet

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: HSU Professor Talks Teaching Online, Wishes Prez Jackson Would Answer Students, Has Named Her Sourdough Starter ‘Herschel’

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Pastor Bethany Cseh Talks Leading Church Remotely, Keeping Faith Through COVID

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Chris Parreira Asks You to Work on Your Fav Bob Dylan Song

April 2020

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Eureka City Councilmember Seeking Fabric For Masks For the Homeless, Making Adventurous Shelter-in-Place Muffins

(AUDIO) HUMBOLDT HOLDING UP: Arcata City Councilmember Misses Hugs, Adds Kale to Mac and Cheese to Make it More Palatable

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