From the Humboldt County Joint Information Center:

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office and the Joint Information Center are further clarifying business operations allowed under the updated Order of the Health Officer issued on March 30, 2020.

The following list specifies the types of businesses and industries that can continue to provide services and those that must cease operations per the current order. This order will remain in effect until rescinded.

Allowable businesses are expected to adhere to social distancing requirements laid out in the order. This is part of a continued effort to decrease transmission of COVID-19 among Humboldt County residents.

For the most recent guidance on COVID-19, visit or Local information is available at English and Spanish speakers are also available to answer questions Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call 707-441-5000 or email for more information.

UPDATE, 12:25 p.m.: … and the JIC would like to clarify that …

The Humboldt County Allowable Services List is a supplement to the Order of the Health Officer issued on March 30, 2020. This list defines businesses that are not specifically referenced in the order as a means to provide further clarity. This list does not replace the order or change allowable businesses as defined in the order. Not all industries are included in this list, as they are specifically referenced in the order. If your business is not included in this list, please see the Order of the Health Officer.


General business Health Officer order Notes
Antique shops NO
Art galleries NO
Automobile detailing NO
Banquet rooms NO
Barber shops, nail salons and beauty shops NO
Bars and taverns NO
Bookstores NO
Bowling alleys NO
Candy shops NO
Car wash NO
Chocolate shops NO
Churches and other religious institutions NO
Clothing shops, boutique NO
Clothing stores NO
Conference center NO
Day or destination spas NO
Department stores NO Traditional department stores NO. Target-style stores YES.
Florists NO
Furniture stores NO
Gift shops NO
Golf courses NO
Golf driving ranges NO
Gymnastics schools and health clubs NO
Hobby shops NO
Interior decorating shops NO
Jewelry stores NO
Libraries NO
Massage and physical culture studios NO
Meeting halls NO
Men’s furnishing stores NO
Music and dance studios NO
Music stores NO
Pawn Shops NO
Pet grooming NO
Photographic supply stores and studios NO
Pool halls NO
Printing shops NO
Private clubs NO
Public and commercial recreation NO
Secondhand stores NO
Service clubs NO
Shoe stores NO
Shooting galleries within buildings NO
Stationery stores NO
Tailor and dressmaking shops NO
Taxidermists NO
Theaters and auditoriums within buildings NO
Thrift shops NO
Toy stores NO
Travel agencies and bureaus NO
Video sales and rental stores NO
Watch and clock, jewelry repair shops NO
Women’s apparel accessory stores NO
Accounting firms YES
Airports YES By federal law
Ambulance services YES
Animal Shelters YES
Animal Supply YES
Architects/Drafters/Engineers YES
Attorney/Law office YES
Automobile sales YES With distancing in place. Supports necessary transportation.
Automobile service YES
Automobile supply stores YES
Bail bonds YES
Bakeries YES Delivery and curbside only
Banks YES
Bed and breakfast YES Open only to Humboldt County residents or essential workers
Beverage distributors YES
Bicycle shops YES
Boat repair and ship building YES
Boat sales, services and repairs YES
Bottling works YES
Breweries and distilleries YES Storefront remains closed
Cabinet shops YES
Cannabis cultivation YES
Cannabis dispensaries YES Delivery and curbside only
Cannabis distributors YES
Cannabis labs YES
Cannabis manufacturing YES
Carpet and flooring YES
Cellular phone stores YES
Cemeteries YES
Cleaning, coin-operated YES
Cold storage plants YES
Columbariums and crematories YES
Commercial fishing facilities YES
Computer and communications equipment stores YES
Corporation yards YES
Delicatessen stores YES Curbside only
Drugstores YES
Dry goods stores YES
Electrical repair shops YES
Electronics manufacturing YES
Emergency shelters YES
Employment agencies YES
Family care homes and halfway houses YES With limitations
Feed and fuel stores YES
Fabric stores YES For essential business only (such as mask-making)
Finance companies YES
Fish products processing and packaging YES
Fishing supplies YES
Food stores and supermarkets YES
Frozen food distributors YES
Garden shops YES
Glass and glass products manufacture YES
Gun shops/Firearm stores YES
Hardware stores YES
Heating and ventilating shops YES
Hospital/Medical supply/Equipment YES
Hospitals YES
Hotels and motels YES Open only to Humboldt County residents and essential workers
Household appliance stores YES
Household repair shops YES
Hunting supplies YES
Ice and cold storage facilities YES
Janitorial services and supplies YES
Kennels YES
Laboratories YES
Laundries, self-service type YES
Laundry plants YES
Landscaping/Lawncare YES
Linen supply services YES
Liquor stores YES
Locksmiths YES
Lumber yards, not including planing mills or saw mills YES
Machine shops YES
Machine tools manufacture YES
Machinery sales and rentals YES
Manufacture and assembly of electrical supplies YES
Manufacture and maintenance of commercial advertising structures YES
Manufacture of scientific, medical, dental, and drafting instruments, orthopedic and medical appliances, optical goods, watches and clocks, electronics equipment, precision instruments, musical instruments, and cameras and photographic equipment, except film YES
Manufacturing, assembling, compounding, packaging, and processing cosmetics, drugs, pharmaceuticals, perfumes, perfumed toilet soap (not including refining or rendering of fats or oils) and toiletries YES
Manufacturing, canning and packing of food products YES
Marine oil terminals YES
Medical and dental offices YES
Mortuaries YES
Motorcycle sales and services YES With distancing in place. Supports necessary transportation.
Nurseries and garden supply stores YES
Optician and optometrical shops YES
Outdoor/Survival stores YES
Paint, glass and wallpaper shops YES
Paper products manufacture YES
Parcel delivery services YES
Pest control YES
Pet and bird stores YES To maintain life and health of animals
Plumbing shops YES
Post offices YES
Prescription pharmacies and dental and optical laboratories YES
Realtors YES
Restaurants and soda fountains, including drive-in establishments YES  Curbside only
Roadside stands for the sale of agricultural produce grown on the site. YES
Seafood processing YES
Septic tank and cesspool installation and service YES
Service stations, including essential auto, truck and trailer rentals. YES
Sheet metal shops YES
Television and radio sales and repair stores YES
Tire sales and service, including retreading and recapping YES
Title company YES
Tool and cutlery sharpening or grinding YES
Truck and trailer rentals, sales and services YES
Vending machine services YES
Veterinarians’ offices and small animal hospitals YES
Warehouses YES Depends on service within
Welding shops YES
Wholesale establishments YES
Woodworking shops YES Only in support of housing projects