Press release from Mad River Hospital:

Across the nation, hospitals are experiencing a loss of everyday patient volume due to cancelled surgeries, cancelled procedures and cancelled clinic visits. Due to the significant patient volume reduction resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, Mad River Community Hospital (MRCH) is enacting a furlough program throughout the organization to match current patient volumes. This is consistent with the actions of the majority of hospitals throughout the country who are not currently caught in a COVID-19 patient surge scenario.

Since the inception of Humboldt County’s Shelter in Place order, MRCH has experienced between 40%-70% decreases in its emergency department, medical surgical department, imaging, laboratory, outpatient clinics, and administrative support services. Pamela Floyd, Chief Compliance Officer, MRCH says, “We want the community to know we are not laying off any employees but instituting a temporary furlough. All of our employees are still part of the Mad River Hospital family and we appreciate everybody working together in this time of crisis.”

Although the furlough period is indeterminate due to both the unpredictability of the length of the COVID-19 outbreak as well as the state mandated stay at home order, our intention is to bring back impacted employees once prior patient volumes resume.

Mad River Community Hospital has a strong reputation of caring for its patients and its employees. Placing our employees on a full or partial furlough is not a decision we take lightly. But under the current conditions, it is an essential move to ensure our doors remain open to our community.

“Before, during and after, we’re still going to care for each other and our community”, says Doug Shaw, CEO, MRCH.