PG&E may or may not shut off power to some or much of Humboldt County soon, along with the rest of the state, due the backbreaking weight placed on the grid by the scorching heat wave smothering all of the state. (Except us!)

How do you know if you’re due to be cut off this afternoon or evening? There are two, contradictory methods. One is to rely on this Facebook post from Supervisor Rex Bohn, which claims that much of Eureka and McKinleyville and some other locations around the county are scheduled to go down at 6 p.m. if rolling blackouts are in fact needed:

The second method is to do a special dosey-do set up by PG&E itself. This method has two steps.

Step one: Look up your “outage block number” by entering your address into the form on this page. Remember that outage block number.

Step two: Go to this page and scroll about halfway down to the three-column table that lists scheduled outages by group, outage block and time. Find your outage block in the ranges listed in the second column, then find the (potential) scheduled outage time in the corresponding right-hand column.

Contrary to what Supervisor Bohn posts above, most of the addresses we’ve checked seem to indicate that the power will go down to much of the county at 8 p.m., if it does in fact need to go down.

Glad we could clear that up! Anyway, be ready for power outages.