The City of Rio Dell’s wastewater treatment facility. Photo: City of Rio Dell.


Press release from the City of Rio Dell:

Since October 1st of this year, the City of Rio Dell has been conducting COVID‐19 surveillance testing at its Wastewater Treatment Plant. The testing, through Biobot Analytics, samples the inflow of untreated wastewater in order to isolate the unique genetic signature of SARS‐CoV‐2 (COVID‐19) and analyze the amount of the virus present. The Biobot Analytics testing is done independently and results have been forwarded to the Public Health Officer since the inception of the program. Between October 1st and December 3rd test results have ranged from ‘non‐detect’ to detection at levels below the national average.

On December 17, 2020 the City of Rio Dell conducted its latest test showing higher concentration levels than 84% of all quantifiable samples collected nationwide by Biobot Analytics in the past six weeks. This level is well above the median national average.

“This information further supplements and confirms the observations of the County Health Department.” Stated Rio Dell City Manager Kyle Knopp. “The virus is present in this small community at high levels. We provide this information as another tool residents can use when making their plans over the holiday season and near future.”

The City continues to encourage mask wearing, social distancing, regular hand washing, regular surface cleaning, testing and staying home when sick as good methods to slow the virus and protect the community’s fragile health systems.

Rio Dell residents have nearby access to testing:

Palco Pharmacy (appointment required)
113 Main St Suite D, Scotia, CA 95565
(707) 764‐3591

Southern Trinity Health Services, Scotia Bluffs (call first)
500 B Street, Scotia, California 95565
(707) 764‐5617

Optum Serve
Redwood Acres and occasionally Fortuna (register beforehand)

Full report from Biobot Analytics here.