Video of the McKinleyville Kmart by Sam Eisenberg.

The McKinleyville Kmart seems to be on its last foldable leg and the internet has taken notice.

A video of the store’s extensive camping chair department went viral after it was shared to the popular website Reddit yesterday. The video has since received more than 60,000 upvotes and likely millions of views.

Arcata resident Sam Eisenberg told the Outpost that he recorded the video yesterday afternoon, and said that the McKinleyville Kmart has looked this way for months.

Ishan Steelhead.

A similar video was shared on the internet in December by Facebook user Ishan Steelhead, which also shows aisle after aisle of inefficiently-stuffed shelves, packed with unfolded camping chairs and unstacked plastic bins to presumably fill up empty store space.

While there’s been no announcement that the McKinleyville Kmart plans to close anytime soon, USA Today reports that parent company Transformco shut down nearly 100 Kmart and Sears stores after acquiring the businesses out of bankruptcy in February of 2019.