Press release from the Humboldt Progressive Democrats:

At its first meeting of the New Year, the Humboldt Progressive Democrats Club endorsed candidates for both local races and for President of the United States. 

In a unanimous vote, Senator Bernie Sanders was endorsed as the Democratic candidate for President of the United States. Before the vote, club members shared why Senator Sanders earned their support including his key positions and plans to address the climate crisis, human rights, and health care, as well as his consistent record over decades fighting for the working class and poor. Lesley Ester from the California Nurses Association, supports Bernie because “the world is dying – no other single candidate is trustworthy enough to mount an all out response.”

Also noted by Vice-Chair Michele Walford,  “Bernie is the only candidate who calls for the elimination of the medical insurance industry in our current healthcare model. Medical insurance adds no value and serves only to delay or deny necessary treatment. It adds approximately 30% to our healthcare costs while hurting actual health care. Medical insurance is a billion-dollar industry that serves corporate boards and shareholders above all else. It is an unnecessary factor in healthcare costs and an impediment to saving lives. No other candidate addresses this directly or even indirectly which I find telling.”

Congratulations also to our endorsed local candidates:

District 1 Supervisor – Cliff Berkowitz

District 4 Democratic Central Committee – G. Mario Fernandez, Kathryn Sobilo, Christopher Musgrave, Richard Marks.

Progressive Democrats are encouraged to join us in working for the political revolution. Meetings are held the third Wednesday of every month at 6 pm – location is the Democratic Headquarters, 527 4th Street in Eureka. Visitors and new members welcome!