Left: Detail of planned mural by Carl Avery, which will be part of the Native Mural Project on the side of the Discovery Store. Left: Detail of planned mural by James Carey, which will soon grace Deo’s Sandwich Shop. Images via Eureka Street Art Festival.




From the organizers of the Eureka Street Art Festival:

This August 10th - 15th, the Eureka Street Art Festival will be bringing 12 new murals and 8 sidewalk poetry installations to the Henderson Center neighborhood. 

2020 Mural Artists

This year we are featuring all Humboldt County and California artists. 2020 Festival Artists include:

  • Alme Allen (McKinleyville)
  • Ashley Rose (Ferndale)
  • Benjamin Goulart (Bayside)
  • Carl Avery (Cottonwood)
  • Ellie Gainey (Roseville)
  • Gina Tuzzi (Blue Lake)
  • James Carey (Huntington Beach)
  • Jose Moreno (Eureka)
  • Julian Lang (McKinleyville)
  • Melitta Jackson (Mckinleyville)
  • Mir deSilva (Eureka)

For the week of the festival, these artists will be painting murals throughout the Henderson Center neighborhood, focusing primarily on E and F Streets between Henderson and Harris. Four of the murals will be part of the inaugural Native Mural Project, which was created in partnership with the Native Culture’s Fund, the Humboldt Area Foundation, and a group of local Native leaders. This project strives to provide a platform for native artists in the local public art scene. These murals will be painted on the Discovery Shop wall on F Street. 

Map of new mural locations (click to make big).

Sidewalk Poetry Project

We are excited to announce the Sidewalk Poetry Project, which will facilitate the painting of 8 poems by local artists on sidewalks throughout the Festival area. This project will feature the art and poetry of:

  • Tibora Bea
  • Jenna Catsos
  • Barbara Brinson Curiel
  • Leigha Evers
  • Therese Fitzmaurice
  • Delo Freitas
  • Roberto Gomez
  • Sophie Jenkins
  • Harvey Mitchell
  • Stephanie Silvia
  • Jacqueline Suskin
  • Izzy Unsinger
  • Vanessa Vrtiak

How to Enjoy the Festival

Due to the virus, this year’s Festival will look a little different. There will not be any large gatherings (no Block Party), but we still want to spread some color and joy!

  • Walk around the Festival area during the week Come down to Henderson Center and follow the self-guided walking tour (available on our website, social media, and in programs throughout the Festival area). 

  • Daily Virtual Art Walks at 5:30pm Find the daily live-streamed art walk on Facebook + Instagram Live to keep up to date with each day’s progress.

  • Enjoy Streaming Content Follow us on Instagram (@EurekaStreetArtFestival) and Facebook for artist videos, live-streaming content, and updates throughout the week.

  • Support the Henderson Center businesses while you’re out! Let’s show some love to our local businesses throughout the week.

  • Keep the Community Safe — Please wear your mask, observe physical distancing guidelines, and stay home if you are not feeling well.

The Eureka Street Art Festival’s mission is to create intentional, accessible art that enlivens public spaces, stimulates community revitalization, and attracts visitors to Eureka. Our long term aim is to recreate this event annually and continuously introduce new public art in Eureka. Excess funds raised by the Festival will go towards the maintenance of existing public art throughout the city.

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