Press release from St. Joseph Hospital::

The St. Joseph Hospital of Eureka Family Medicine Residency Program, a medical training alliance between St. Joseph Hospital – the sponsoring institution – and Open Door Community Health Centers, is pleased to announce its second class of residents to the North Coast rural medicine program.

Dr. Shenoda Abd Emaseh, Dr. Joshua Ecehverria, Dr. Milad Najar Ranjbar, Dr. Yehuda Fox, Dr. Ramir Geluz and Dr. Jesus Mendez began their clinical assignments on June 29th in the fully accredited program under the direction of Residency Medical Director, May Hong, M.D and faculty. In addition to the six new first-year students, Dr. Zachary Nankee joins the program for his second year of residency training.

“We see this program as not only a critical way to build the ranks of our local physician population, but an opportunity to leverage the exceptional professional experience of local physicians and teach the next generation of physician leaders in Humboldt County,” said Dr. Hong.

The family medicine residency program represents a transformational moment for the medical community on the North Coast. Core faculty from Open Door Community Health Centers, specialists from St. Joseph Health Medical Group, select independent physicians affiliated with St. Joseph Hospital and hospital leaders, collaborate to educate the new physicians.

The three-year program has a holistic primary care focus, with an emphasis on rural family medicine. Residents have a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in rural medicine with the support of a Regional Medical Center and live as an integral member of the community.

“It has been great to learn in a patient-centered and team oriented medical community that focuses on optimal outcomes for all aspects of patient well-being,” said first-year resident, Sean Purtell, M.D.

In addition to experiencing the full spectrum of family care, residents receive training in complex, hospital-based medical care and work with community-based services, including home health, hospice and support services. The residency program is supported through various funding channels including St. Joseph Hospital, generous community donations and government grants.

During their training, resident physicians see patients under the supervision of the faculty, and after their three years of training, national statistics suggest many will stay within 50 miles of their residency location. By 2021, the program will feature a total of 18 residents in training.