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Press release from the City of Arcata:

In support of Humboldt County and the State of California’s orders for residents to stay at home and take all necessary precautions to slow the transmission of COVID-19, the City of Arcata has taken steps today to formally recognize the existence of a local emergency.

This Proclamation does not signify an increased risk to Arcata residents, but strongly acknowledges the existing risk COVID-19 poses to the community.

The Proclamation allows the City additional flexibility to acquire resources, manage essential City staff, provide or receive mutual aid from other jurisdictions and assists in securing State and Federal Disaster funds.

In release of the Proclamation, City Manager Karen Diemer said, “As a community, we have done a tremendous job responding collectively to the call for social distancing, to stay in our residences and care for those most vulnerable. We recognize the unique nature of this public health emergency, which takes each of us doing our part to stay healthy and not strain our healthcare system beyond capacity. Our City team is working around the clock to respond to the unfolding circumstances related to slowing the spread of this pandemic. This proclamation, which cities across the nation are issuing, is an important administrative step required to accomplish the City’s mission to reduce the risks and effects of COVID-19.”

Arcata residents are encouraged to continue to stay current on information regarding the City and County’s local response to COVID-19 online at and