Was it all a dream?

Kan’t really blame Razooly for this one. The Kinetic Universe has announced that the Kinetic Grand Championship as we know it will not occur this year due to KOVID-19 koncerns. An online, social distance-savvy kompetition is being planned to fill the void in your kinetic hearts. Details as to where that stands in the release below:


Will there be a Kinetic Grand Championship this year? Will big crowds gather in all the usual Glory spots to cheer on their favorite teams in just a few short weeks? No. … But, it wouldn’t be the beginning of summer in Humboldt without the insanity which keeps us sane, so there can’t NOT be a Kinetic something. 

Memorial Day Weekend Kinetic Universe will present the “2020 Kinetic Sculpture in Place”, a three day online human powered art event May 23rd, 24th, and 25th. Artists, engineers, athletes, and Glory hogs of all ages will compete  in the traditional categories of Art, Speed, Engineering, and Pageantry plus some online exclusive awards just for this year (we all hope.) This event will be open to all members of the community who are able to meet the Kinetic challenges, and is not limited to previously registered race teams.

“This year, since no one can go out to see the Kinetic madness, everyone can participate from home instead.” says Rutabaga Queen, and Kinetic Universe board president Kati Texas.

In addition to the main Kinetic competition, the three day event will include a Kinetic Kids Challenge, the Remote-abaga Ball Live, a “Glory Road” Kinetic Documentary marathon, and a retrospective of Kinetic history from the Kinetic Museum Eureka’s film archives.

Rules and entry forms will be available mid April, “… as soon as we are done making them up,” says Queen Texas. “There will be different challenges for the big kids (grown-ups), and a littler kids category, so the whole family can get involved.”

The Remote-abaga Ball Live promises to be exciting as Queen hopefuls perform their Q&A, Water Crossing, and “Talent” via video call. “We can’t imagine a life without Kinetic madness,” continues Texas. “We’re doing what we can to keep the Glory gears turning, and hopefully bring some of that joy directly to the fans.”