UPDATE: Details from Humboldt Bay Fire:

On Wednesday, May 13, at 11:50 a.m. Humboldt Bay Fire crews responded to a call for an extrication at the corner of 5th and Broadway Streets for a driver trapped in an overturned 18-wheeler.

Upon arrival, bystanders were attempting to help the driver whose door was now pinned to the road. Fire, EMS, and bystanders were able to extricate the driver through the broken windshield. The driver sustained minor injuries and was treated on-scene by City Ambulance, refusing further treatment or transport to the hospital.

Humboldt Bay Fire deployed Hydrocarbon booms to mitigate any risk of leaking material from the vehicle or its contents, although no such leaks occurred. The material inside of the vehicle is safe and poses no personal or environmental threat at this time.

Crews are actively working to right the overturned vehicle and remove it from the roadway, though members of the public can expect this stretch of 5th Street to be closed for some time until that occurs.
Thank you to Eureka Police Department and City Ambulance personnel for their assistance on scene. Humboldt Bay Fire would like to remind the public to remain extra vigilant on the road during these initial Spring rains as roads are very slick, especially around turns.

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Original Post: Just before noon Wednesday, a big rig flipped on its side while attempting to navigate the turn from Broadway onto Fifth Street in Eureka. The roadway is closed at the moment and drivers are being redirected onto another route.

North Coast News, reporting live from scene, says that the driver of the truck received only minor injuries and was able to crawl out of the wreckage after bystanders broke through the windshield. No other vehicles were involved. No fluids or other materials were spilled. 

North Coast News’s Lisa Librenjak is live at the scene. Watch her Facebook Live coverage below. (UPDATE: Another North Coast News reporter, Nazy Javid, has fired up her own rival Facebook Live video stream. You can watch that on the right.)

Additional Facebook Live-ing from Redwood News, below: