Here are seven hours of Elections Office workers counting votes yesterday.

Press release from Access Humboldt:

TV and online coverage for manual vote counting process in Humboldt County is streaming and available for observers. The marathon coverage is part of a series offered by the Humboldt County Elections Office in partnership with Access Humboldt.

This year the COVID pandemic created a unique challenge to the normal process for allowing observers to attend key steps, including the “logic and accuracy” testing of the ballot counting systems and the actual manual count of ballots. So, in addition to regular voter information programs in English and Spanish, back in early October the logic and accuracy testing was documented from beginning to end - that program is online here. And since Election Day, complete coverage of the manual ballot counting process has been airing on Access Humboldt and streaming on YouTube at this link.

Sean Taketa McLaughlin, executive director for Access Humboldt said, “Humboldt County residents want to know that our election process has integrity, so local officials maintain the highest standards of transparency to ensure accountability of the voting process and results - part of a local tradition launched in 2008 by the Elections Transparency Project. Our focus on civic engagement and empowering local voices makes election years particularly important. Access Humboldt is delighted to partner with the Humboldt County Office of Elections for this important civic media exercise.”

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