Friendly note: If you’re planning to vote in-person today at one of the county’s several voting assistance centers or pop-up locations — see map here — then please, please do everyone a favor if you can:

Bring the mail-in ballot. The one they sent you in the mail. You didn’t fill it out and mail it back in, but bring it when you go to vote today.

It will make the whole process go a lot smoother for you and for everyone else.

If you bring your mail-in ballot, then election workers can invalidate that ballot then and there before they give you a new one to use with the voting machines.

If you don’t, then poll workers have to call up the Elections Office to have your mail-in ballot invalidated before they give you a new one. Phones are busy. Stuff is hectic.

Bottom line: Bring your mail-in ballot! You’ll be happy you did.