File video: Andrew Goff




From the Eureka Police Department:

The Eureka Police Department (EPD) is seeking the public’s assistance to further our active investigation into the September 24 th vehicle vs pedestrian incident on 5 th Street, which occurred during a demonstration. Identification of the involved driver is needed as well as further contact with the pedestrian.

The vehicle is described as a dark blue Ford F-250 with an aftermarket v-gate style tailgate. At the time of the incident it appeared to be occupied by a male driver and a female passenger. Anyone who can provide further information on the vehicle and/or occupants is asked to contact EPD. We urge the driver to call us directly to provide a statement. All calls can be directed to Captain Brian Stephens at (707) 441-4087. Additionally, EPD has made multiple attempts to contact the involved pedestrian to obtain an update on injuries sustained and a detailed statement. The pedestrian is also urged to call Captain Stephens at (707) 441-4087.

EPD will investigate this incident thoroughly to the fullest extent possible, analyzing the actions of both the driver and the pedestrian. However, the identification and full participation of all involved parties is crucial to this process.