Photo: Blue Lake Rancheria.

This week, we are joined by Jacobs Pounds of Blue Lake Rancheria Environmental Department, who recently detected toxic algae in the Mad River from Blue Lake to Arcata. Anatoxins are powerful neurotoxins produced by blue-green algae when populations explode or “bloom” during unusually warm, low-flow conditions. These toxins have been detected in other local rivers and across the West, but never before in the Mad River. With limited testing due to high costs, it’s best to avoid freshwater with visible algae mats, since these toxins have led to dog deaths and could be harmful to people, especially children. 

To learn more, visit the Blue Lake Rancheria’s Facebook page

For more info on toxic algae, visit the CA Harmful Algae Blooms website. There you will see the HAB Incidents Report Map with the latest test results throughout the state, including No Swimming advisories for Big Lagoon, Stone Lagoon, and much of the Klamath River. 


“The EcoNews Report,” Oct. 3, 2020