From the Eureka Police Department:

On 10/8/20 at 7:39 pm, a Eureka Police Officer was on routine patrol traveling westbound on 4th Street, when he was contacted by a citizen who was reporting a fight outside the Courthouse Market. The citizen pointed out a van parked at the north curb line of the 900 block of 4th Street. The officer could see several subjects involved in a physical fight inside the van.


As the officer approached the passenger side of the van to intercede, a male was pushed away from the van by a male occupant. The male who was pushed away was later determined to be the suspect/aggressor and identified as Daniel Aubrey (28 years old). The officer confronted Aubrey, but Aubrey advanced on the officer. The officer gave commands to Aubrey, while drawing his Taser and displaying it, but the suspect did not comply.

After a few steps, Aubrey turned suddenly away from the officer and ran to the van, where he jumped into the rear cargo area. The officer followed and once again confronted Aubrey. Aubrey refused to comply with commands. The officer deployed his taser at Aubrey, but it was ineffective. He then OC sprayed Aubrey and it too was ineffective. Aubrey then leaped to the driver’s seat of the van and began assaulting a female who was seated there.

Additional officers arrived on scene and Aubrey exited the driver’s side rear door of the van, where officers attempted to detain him. Aubrey continued to be confrontational and became combative, striking at the officers. Officers attempted to subdue Aubrey with the use of pepper spray and a Taser, however neither option was effective. Aubrey was eventually taken to the ground in the middle of 4th Street where he continued to resist. After a prolonged struggle, Aubrey was detained in handcuffs. During the struggle an officer was punched in the face and also bitten by Aubrey.

City Ambulance was summoned to the to the scene to transport Aubrey to St Joseph Hospital for injuries he sustained during the incident. As the ambulance was preparing to transport Aubrey, he once again became combative. While struggling with officers, Aubrey grabbed an officer’s holstered firearm. Several officers attempted to restrain Aubrey and during these efforts to control him in the ambulance, Aubrey bit an additional officers’ finger causing a significant injury. Once some control of Aubrey was regained, he was sedated by ambulance personnel in an effort to safely transport him to the ER.

A Detective, along with an Evidence Technician were summoned to the scene to take over the investigation.

Aubrey was ultimately treated and cleared for booking at Humboldt County Correctional Facility (HCCF) on charges of attempted carjacking, felony resisting arrest, felony battery on a peace officer, and assault and battery. The injured officers received treatment for their injuries at the hospital and were released.

Preliminary information, based on victim/witness statements, indicate that prior to the officer’s arrival, Aubrey entered the van at this location and violently confronted and assaulted the occupants. At one point trying to drag the female driver out from behind the steering wheel. The occupants believed that Aubrey was trying to steal the van and fought back in efforts to defend themselves. Two male occupants and Aubrey struggled and they were able to push Aubrey from the van. As this took place, the first officer arrived on scene. The occupants stated that they did not know Aubrey.

It is still early in the investigation and further updates will be released as appropriate. Anyone with information regarding this incident is urged to call Det. Bise at 707-441-4109