The county’s current evacuation order/warning map. Areas in yellow are under evacuation warning; areas in red are under evacuation orders. See live map here.


From the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

Due to positive developments in fire behavior and the hard work of firefighters from Humboldt County and beyond, the Evacuation Order for the following areas has been downgraded to an Evacuation Warning: areas south of Casterlin Road, including all properties on Casterlin Road, to the Mendocino / Trinity County Line and east of Dyerville Loop Road and Bell Springs Road to the county line. Residents who live in this area may begin to return home but should remain ready to evacuate again at a moment’s notice.

The following road closures are in effect. Access to Trinity County via the following roads is restricted:

  • Ware Ranch Road at the Humboldt/Trinity County Line
  • Island Mountain Road at the Humboldt/Trinity County Line
  • Zenia Bluff Road is closed to through traffic via a Traffic Control Point. Humboldt County residents must provide proof of residency (ex. mortgage/utility statement, tax statement, CA Driver’s License) to access Zenia Bluff Road and return home within the county’s Evacuation Warning zone.


Once a wildfire has burned through or near an area, many dangers can remain. Firefighters and utility workers begin restoring fire damaged areas as soon as they can. It is important to be aware of the hazards and know what to look for once an evacuation order is lifted.

  1. When driving, watch for trees, brush and rocks which may have been weakened or loosened by fire weather and response. Be aware of debris or damage to roadways.
  2. Inspect your home: check for the smell of gas and use a battery-powered flashlight to check for hot embers in rain gutters, on the roof, under overhangs, under decks and crawl spaces, wood and debris piles and attic.
  3. If electricity is off, make sure all appliances are off before turning power back on. If there are any electrical wires on the ground, stay clear and contact your utility company immediately.
  4. Discard any food that has been exposed to heat, smoke or soot.
  5. Use a hose or wet towels to wet down and wipe off ash rather than sweeping or blowing it back into the air, creating unhealthy conditions.
  6. Consider replacing all filters in your home and vehicle.
  7. To rid your home of the smell of smoke, attach filters to box fans, cover with a wet towel doused in fabric softener and allow them to run to filter the air.

For more information on returning home after a wildfire and other great tips, visit:


Humboldt County residents are encouraged to sign up for Humboldt Alert to receive local emergency notifications, including information regarding evacuations and emergency sheltering in the event of a wildfire or other emergency incident. Residents can sign up by going to:


For more information regarding the August Complex West Zone, current impact and evacuation areas, please go to and visit @HumCoOES on Facebook and Twitter, or call 707-268-2500.