University Center at HSU. | Image via Humboldt State University.


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The following message was sent to the HSU campus community today from the Office of the President:

Since my appointment as President of Humboldt State University, I have been consistent in sharing with the campus community, alumni, families, and others that my top priority is providing a positive, meaningful educational experience for our students. We have an enormous responsibility and a broadly shared commitment to ensure we are student-focused in all we do.

The programs and services provided by the University Center (UC) are important to the vibrancy of the student experience and are also valuable to those living in surrounding communities. As HSU embarks on immediate and long-term plans to enhance the student experience, it is imperative we have partners committed to collaborating and ensuring a continued focus on the mission of our University.

On occasion, tough decisions are required to ensure our values are upheld in supporting our students. After consultation with, and concurrence from, CSU Chancellor Timothy White, HSU has issued a notice of termination of the Operating Agreement between the Board of Trustees of the California State University and the UC.

The notice outlines a series of breaches we hope the UC is able to cure in the 90-day period outlined in our operating agreement. It is my sincere hope the UC Board will work closely with HSU to cure and resolve these matters, and to create sustained solutions for the numerous breaches. This can only occur through a spirit of collaboration and a resolute focus on meeting the fiduciary responsibilities assigned to members of the Board. Students, and these student services supporting their needs, must remain a high priority. Through resolution of these breaches, the UC can become and remain a student-first auxiliary.

During my brief tenure at HSU, we have sought to work in collaboration with the UC to address concerns and make improvements in a variety of areas. These have ranged from ensuring venues are set-up and functional to the quality and cost of food services. Students and their representatives in Associated Students have made frequent appeals for changes.

We value, and are committed to continuing to deliver, the types of programs and services that the UC provides to the students and in the community. This may include ensuring students still have employment opportunities and that services supporting students are continued as the UC Board addresses the items of breach. Employees of the UC, each a valued member of the campus community, should be aware that addressing these issues is not tantamount to employment reduction or elimination of their jobs. The UC professional staff and student employees who work hard for our campus, community, and students each day are outstanding, and resolution of issues at the executive and fiduciary level should not disrupt them as they continue to serve and support HSU students.

Tom Jackson, Jr., President


DOCUMENT: Notice of Termination