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“Boomerang” - Steven Vander Meer, The Absynth Quintet

Local artist Steven Vander Meer shares his award-winning animation accompanied by a song from local band the Absynth Quintet.

“‘Boomerang’ explores the workings of the universe via 3,820 hand-drawn images on 3-by-5-inch index cards,” Vander Meer said. “It’s no coincidence when it happens this way.”

“Performance at the 2019 North Country Fair” - Oryan Peterson-Jones from Geister Beschwören

Local musician Oryan Peterson-Jones from the group Die Geister Beschwören shares a few tunes on various exotic interments.

“As an ethnomusicologist who spends a great amount of time documenting stories and music from around the globe, it should come as no surprise that I also love collecting instruments,” Peterson-Jones said. “In this video, you will observe a modified sitar guitar, baglama from Turkey and tres from Cuba.”

“Confusion Hill” - Alder Fern

An original song from local musician Alder Fern.