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“Open the Adoré me Amoré” - Cat & Carson:

Linda Faye Carson returns to TRL to share this lovely duet.

“And She Did It” - Bayside Music Collective:

A spontaneously improvised parking lot performance “brought to life in homes and backyards around Humboldt Bay.” The BMC describes itself as a “constantly evolving group of Humboldt musicians that play together just for the love of it.”

“Get Hogged” - Henderson Centaur:

A head bangin’ tune from “Eureka’s premiere friendly neighborhood fantasy rock ‘n’ roll band.”

“Neighborhood Bored Shop” - Sue and the Namies:

A live performance filmed in Old Town Eureka. The band says it’s based out of a dumpster at the Eureka Mall and that it loves to incorporate theatrical performances into live shows. “[The performances can range from high intensity to chill vibes,” the bans says. “We call our genre of music, ‘no wave surf’ and are trying to have a beach party everywhere.