Workers board up windows at 204 West Hawthorne Street Wednesday afternoon. | Photos by Ryan Burns.


Press release from the City of Eureka:

On Wednesday morning members of the City of Eureka Code Enforcement and Problem Oriented Police (POP) units served an inspection and abatement warrant at 204 West Hawthorn.

The house, which is owned by Floyd and Betty Squires, has been the site of more than 57 calls for service to EPD since March 2020 for drug activity and criminal behavior. In addition to police complaints, Eureka Code Enforcement received numerous complaints for accumulations of garbage, rat infestations, and other nuisance violations.

During service of the warrant, City officials found unsafe and unsanitary conditions that were deemed to be an immediate danger to the occupants and the surrounding community. As a result, the structure was vacated and secured against entry. Cleanup efforts are ongoing.

Abating problems at nuisance properties is often complicated and time-intensive. The City thanks neighbors of 204 W. Hawthorn for their role in monitoring and reporting conditions at the property, as well as their patience as the process has played out.