Video by reader Lucinda Maier.

A crew of commercial crabbing fishermen were rescued by U.S. Coast Guard Sector Humboldt Bay today after their boat experienced engine failure in turbulent water off the coast of Agate Beach.

USCG Petty Officer Cerina Orocso told the Outpost that all three crew members were airlifted by helicopter to the California Redwood Coast-Humboldt County Airport after putting out a distress signal at approximately 2:40 p.m.

β€œThe helo got on scene and was assessing their drift,” Orosco said. β€œ[They] were heading into shore, so we sent a rescue swimmer, who retrieved all three persons.”

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife responded to the scene following the rescue and confirmed that the vessel sank off the coast a short time later.

Reader Lucinda Maier sent the Outpost footage (seen above) of the coast guard responding to the distressed vessel.

No crew members were injured as a result of the emergency.