MAGA, still

On Wednesday afternoon, even as President Joe Biden’s inauguration day festivities continue in Washington, a smattering of Humboldt’s undeterred Trump supporters donned their MAGA hats and took up their TRUMP flags and signs for a small rally in front of the county courthouse to let their community know that they’re still in the fight. 

The dozen-or-so Trump faithful swayed and sang along to Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the U.S.A.” and other tunes you might expect, blasted through someone’s small Bluetooth speaker, stopping occasionally to react to each other on the passing motorists who hurled “Fuck you” and “Losers” out their car windows. 

“They bought into the lies,” one flag-waving woman sitting on one of the courthouse’s planters said to another attendee. “Wait until they see what’s coming.”

The Eureka Police Department had a handful of officers stationed around the courthouse in case anything got out of hand. Other than some light verbal sparring between the pro-Trump crowd and a lone counter protester, the scene LoCO witnessed remained chill. We spoke to one rally goer, Rebecca Dement of Eureka, who told us that she does not accept that Joe Biden is now the President of the United States, adding that the election results were fraudulent (they weren’t) and that China unleashed bio-warfare across the planet (they didn’t). We present her unedited thoughts here for posterity and to give you a sense of how MAGA is feeling on this historic day.

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