Image via SoHum Health.


Press release from SoHum Health:

SoHum Health is serving as the hub for administering COVID-19 vaccine to the Southern Humboldt community. Vaccination of local volunteer fire agencies and other healthcare providers is beginning this week. The first dose of the 2-part Pfizer vaccine has already been administered to almost 70 percent of Jerold Phelps Community Hospital employees and skilled nursing residents on a voluntary basis. SoHum Health has vaccinated staff members from Singing Trees Recovery Center as well.

In preparation for the COVID-19 vaccine to become available to Southern Humboldt community members, SoHum Health is asking all those who are interested in getting the vaccine to fill out an online form at: Regardless of whether you are already a patient of SoHum Health, those who fill out the form will be contacted as soon as the vaccine becomes available.

The United States is currently in Tier-1 for COVID-19 vaccine distribution. Tier-1 includes all healthcare employees, first responders, and employees and residents of skilled nursing and long-term care facilities. Later Tiers include vaccinations for those with certain risk factors including health conditions and age. Details on the order in which certain community members will be offered the vaccine has not been released as yet. By filling out the online interest form, those who wish to get the vaccine will be contacted as soon as it becomes available to them.

For information about COVID-19 practices, testing, and vaccine distribution at SoHum Health visit, call (707) 923-3921, or email