Eureka Police Department press release: 

In response to the growing number of illegal firework complaints over the years (a 137% increase from 2019 to 2020), the City of Eureka has created a new form to report illegal fireworks. The form can be found on the Eureka Police Department website or here. Completed forms can be submitted by email, mail, or in person and will be reviewed by both Eureka Police and Humboldt Bay Fire.

California Health and Safety Code HS 12677 makes it a crime to possess dangerous fireworks without a valid permit to do so. The use of illegal and dangerous fireworks can cause injury, death, fire, and stress and anxiety to humans and animals. It also causes added workload to our dispatchers and first responders fielding the complaints. The reporting form is intended to provide an easier way to report illegal fireworks in as much detail as possible.

Mayor Susan Seaman said, “Celebrating the Fourth of July by watching approved firework shows or safely using safe and sane fireworks are beloved traditions for many people. Shooting off illegal fireworks anytime, or any fireworks on days other than the Fourth, is far from beloved. It’s incredibly stressful for many residents and animals, and they’re extremely dangerous during fire season. This tool will provide an easier way to report illegal fireworks, giving our public safety officials better information to identify those who are breaking laws around the use of fireworks.”

When completing the Illegal Firework Report Form, please be as thorough as possible. In order to fully investigate a complaint, detailed location information is extremely important. The majority of our complaints are “heard only” and do not provide enough information to pinpoint a suspect location. Please also provide a call back number (make sure your voicemail is setup and not full) or email so that your can be contacted if further follow-up is needed.

We’re looking forward to a fun and safe summer and 4th of July season!